Design Tools of the Future Hackathon, ACADIA 2017, MIT

How does a VR tool work in the future to help an architect presenting a design of a new public school to the local community? 
What is an AR tool that real estate brokers can use to help promote their properties to home hunters? 
What is a future MR tool on the construction site that helps building faster, safer and more economically? 

Focusing on challenges such as these in the real design world context, including but not limited to architectural, landscape and product design as well as urbanism, real estate and construction, this hackathon will foster an interdisciplinary environment for proposing strong innovative solutions to the future. In the two and half day event, participants will work in groups to develop conceptual designs and working prototypes. Each group will identify a particular problem related to a design field and determine an immersive or interactive technology to explore. Through a series of tutorials provided by industry partners, participants will learn tools and procedures to develop solutions with the technology they prefer. At the end of the workshop, a select group of experts and sponsors will judge the final prototypes / presentations and award top projects.